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The Power of A “Big Guy”

Fair Pricing

Pay-per-seat pricing is gone. Your price won’t increase for adding employees. With Telnamix, you’re only paying for what you use.

Fast Service

We’re easy to reach and quick to respond to service requests and client questions. Never waste hours on the again.

For You

We’re trusted partners with 3CX, the top-rated provider of business phone systems. Trust us to unite your communications platform.

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Modern features to help you perform your best.

Simple Management

We make it easy to manage your business phone system, whether you choose to do so on premise or hosted. Our PBX software solution that scales with your business and is available at a fraction of the cost of comparable software solutions.

Enable Remote Work

Work confidently from anywhere in the world. With Telnamix you can offer your employees a simple to use telecommunications platform so they can keep in touch with clients and coworkers from a centralized system – not a mess of Zoom, calls, texts, and other apps.

Cost Savings

Our platform includes phone, web conferencing, live chat, text messaging and more, all priced based on your actual usage. Save money and time with Telnamix and improve your communications systems at the same time.

Web Conferencing

We offer built-in web conferencing that is secure, easy to use, and included with your business phone system. No need to manage separate Zoom or Microsoft® Teams licenses. Trust Telnamix to streamline your communications.

Website Live Chat & Facebook Messenger

Today’s customer expects to be able to communicate and ask questions in real-time. With Live Chat powered by Telnamix it is easy to chat with your customers via web or mobile apps. Watch your customer satisfaction soar!

A Better Business Phone Company

Communication is crucial in your growing business. From engaging with your remote teams to pitching new clients and web meetings with your clients, you need a scalable business voice service that fits your needs — now and into the future.

Telnamix is the business phone service you need – work with us to leverage the newest technology in VOIP and cloud communications.

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We’ll help you find you a phone solution that works for you, deliver reliable solutions, break away from industry-standard pricing, and provide top-tier support. Always.

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Make your telephone systems work for you.

Business Phone Systems

We've partnered with 3CX, the industry leader in next-gen business phone systems to offer scalable voice solutions. We ensure that you end up with a phone system that seamlessly brings your business together and improves your communications for everyone on your network.

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Managed Business Networks

By pairing your phone system with managed network equipment, we can see everything that is going on within your network and identify problems before you even know about them. Through our partnership with Green Line Solutions you can rest easy knowing you're taken care of.

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SIP Trunking

We understand that many businesses have perfectly capable phone systems already functioning in house and do not need to invest in a new business phone system. Our SIP Trunking service can be leveraged to provide you with significant cost savings without the hardware cost of a new system.

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